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The application of the preheater in rotary kiln

2016-03-23 15:49:54

Chaeng(Great Wall Machinery Co., Ltd.) is a leading supplier of cement rotary kiln and lime rotary kiln. Preheater kiln system use the natural gas, oil or coal as fuel.

The role of the kiln preheater is sent to the upper part of limestone material to the preheater body, while taking advantage of after calcination kiln exhaust gas discharged from the high temperature (1150 degrees Celsius) in the preheater to preheat the material uniformly about 900 degrees Celsius, in the preheating process,there is 30% CaCO3 decomposed in the preheater, and then by the hydraulic push rod pushed into the rotary kiln, so that not only the limestone calcination process in the kiln calcination time is greatly reduced, but also to to obtain a higher degree of activity of lime.


Preheater kiln working principle: raw materials from the loading chamber into the flue gas cage, feed cone along the central points of the cone evenly distributed between the two cylindrical annular body preheater stacking space. Air intake plenum hot flue gas from the rotary kiln 900-1000 ℃ into the annular space stacker entire cross-section through the material layer toward the feed direction of reverse flow, sufficient heat exchange. Preheat to 600 ℃ material by means of a pusher means successively pushed into the kiln to achieve uniform feeding purposes.

The main advantage of the preheater kiln system are:

1, high-temperature flue gas recovery rotary kiln, energy efficient.

2, using efficient pulse cleaning bag filter type, sulfur oxides (SOx) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions.

3, can be produced using a variety of different fuels.

4, to reduce fuel consumption.

5, wide limestone feed size range.

6, shortening the length of the rotary kiln.

7, reducing the fixed costs of the device.

8, across the board with plc automatic control system controls the entire apparatus system.

9, rotary kiln preheater can be installed on any existing length, through installing an prehearter on the existing kiln , efficiency of the system can get a huge lift.