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Reasonable choice of ball mill loading

2016-03-21 15:34:58

​When designing a ball mill, to select a suitable wear-resistant materials, and to determine the appropriate starting ball mill loading and operation of the additional amount of balls, which reduce metal consumption, enhance economic efficiency has great practical significance. So how to choose the best ball mill loading?

The test showed that the ball mill power consumption in the case of material and non-material case only a difference of 5-8%, that is required for the grinding of coal consumption in power most of the ball itself and the cylinder rotation, it's for a ball mill, rotating cylinder energy consumed is constant. Therefore, a reasonable choice of the best ball loading, reducing the consumption of coal mill, it has become a key issue.

ball mill.jpg

Loading ball mill grinding balls by balls coefficients to reflect the full. Ball loading increased mill output also increases when the ball loading amount exceeds a certain amount, the increase in mill output has slowed, and the milling system power consumption there is a significant increase. The benefits of this time due to increased mill output achieved with milling power consumption caused by increased consumption of high value compared clearly not worth the candle. Therefore, ball loading must to be suitable , the loading is too large,milling power consumption is increased; loading amount is too small, insufficient mill output.

The amount of ball mill selection, should contribute greatly according to the test to find out the mill, and milling power consumption at the minimum loading. At this point the ball loading, that is the best ball mill installed capacity. General ball mill grinding balls filled with coefficients between 0.2 and 0.35, more appropriate balls filled with coefficients between 0.18 and 0.25 should be choosed.