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Which slag vertical mill is best quality in China?

2016-03-16 17:31:10

Which slag vertical mill is best quality , it must be the Chaeng (Great Wall machinery corporation).

Chaeng introduced for processing slag, slag, nickel slag and other waste GRMS series vertical mill, the vertical mill processing capacity, low energy consumption, has been used in more than 100 customers in cement production line processing .

According to the late running effect survey data, Great Wall Machinery slag mill stand stable performance, the failure rate is almost zero, highlighting the Chaeng superb stand mill equipment quality!

It is worth mentioning that the Chaeng also free for customers to optimize the production of slag vertical mill adjustment services to customers slag vertical mill operation to maximize efficiency, that is the maximum capacity, the lowest energy consumption, praised by customers!


Compared with traditional ball mill, vertical mill machine Chaeng can effectively reduce energy consumption in the production process 20-50%, so that the entire production line power consumption does not exceed 40KWh / t, while grinding out slag powder specific surface area of control in 4200 and 5000 cm2 / g, so that it can reasonably control the fineness of cement and slag cement and slag suitable and graded in order to achieve the best match Portland cement and slag, so as to cement customer mass production of high-quality cement products to provide protection.

So, how to protect the Chaeng of mechanical quality and performance of the vertical mill ?

1. focus on technological innovation

Chaeng continuously strengthen cooperation with design institutes, appointed industry experts, professors and other well-known as a technical adviser, guiding the slag, cement process knowledge and practical way to deal with the problem, the research and development equipment, turnkey solutions to be more extreme.

2. To strengthen quality control, improve product manufacture, installation quality

Vertical mill equipment in the manufacturing process, the Chaeng to quality management as the core, to produce self-control, engineering, installation, testing these three purchased quality of work as the starting point, the implementation of a unified comprehensive quality control, quality management by conducting special activities, engineering project quality stand management, improve production and installation of the product level.

3. The company constantly improve the level of intelligence

Intelligent, is the main trend of future large-scale grinding equipment field, not only attaches great importance to the Chaeng of mechanical mill stand intelligent building products, the future will create intelligent factory, ready to introduce the introduction and application of robotic welding robots and other new equipment, and ultimately achieving improve production efficiency, improve product quality, reduce labor costs and the purpose of auxiliary costs.

4. Strengthening vertical mill project management and control, to promote projects

Lessons to carry out turnkey projects for nearly three years, from the safety, quality, cost, schedule, on-site management of five, the implementation based on operator management platform based on workable "project assessment management practices."