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Investment slag powder production project can make money?

2016-03-14 17:57:52

In recent years the building materials industry into the "capacity to destocking" era, slag further reduce demand for products, the profit pressure to limit substantially reduced metallurgical slag resources, market complex and changing environment. From the beginning of 2014, the Chaeng (Great Wall Machinery Corporation)of slag production line machinery company a lot of customers are beginning to suspend the project, many customers began to suspect that investment slag powder production project can make money?

In fact, slag powder in concrete admixtures is playing an irreplaceable role, is recognized worldwide as a green low-carbon, environmentally friendly new building materials, energy consumption is only 13% to 17% of cement, the carbon dioxide emissions of only cement 3 % to 9%. Infrastructure construction can not stop, the market demand for slag powder is not small, as long as slag powder enterprises to actively saving, cost efficiency, technological innovation, business model innovation for the development of engine operation, to ensure the production and anterograde smooth flow of funds, certain We can seize the slag powder market.

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Chaeng as the leading of China's integrated service provider grinding system, in large vertical mill, ball mill, rotary kiln production in developing imaginative, half a century, with superb quality and perfect service, has formed a complete design, development, manufacturing, marketing, equipment installation and after-sales service in one of the production management system. This year, globalization trends increasingly strong environmental protection, green cement production and steel manufacturing energy saving has become a hot topic, and for slag, steel slag, nickel slag and other industrial waste reprocessed just grinding cement, steel and two environmental protection industry restructuring powerful connected.

The past two years, Chaeng integrated resource advantages, the first to launch the industry's first "one vertical mill eight service" industrial waste grinding production line turnkey service system, we can say, the GChaeng completed from a single manufacturer to a system service perfect transformation. Up to now, Chaeng has been successful in building a world of more than 100 pieces of slag / slag / nickel slag powder production line a total package, welcome customers online consultation.