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Slag Portland cement become the international trend in the future

According to relevant data show that for nearly 10 years, the world's cement powerhouses Germany, Switzerland and other countries of the cement industry rising strength of cement, clinker useage amount general trend of decline. Future development trend of cement in Germany is still the traditional Portland cement is mixed with slag, fly ash, shale, pozzolan, limestone sintering type II of low clinker cement varieties of replaced.


Application — GGBS is necessary mixed material of large cement enterprise


slag powder

after partly replace clinker

after partly replace cement

Slag powder is a superior performance of concrete admixture, mixed with slag powder in cement production can improve the cement strength of 28 d 15% - 20%, 42.5 level of cement configuration; Mixed with slag powder in concrete production can replace 10 ~ 50% of cement.Read more>>

Currently, tangshan jidong cement, and a number of large cement plant in henan meng electricity cement used in slag powder as cement mixed material, and greatly reduce production costs, improve the comprehensive performance and concrete in the late strength of cement has obtained the good effect.


Productive Technology — Vertical roller mill: the best choice of the slag powder production

Vertical mill and ball mill process contrast
system scheme ball mill vertical roller mill
system power consumption(kWh/t) 80 38
Ratio of water to dry(%) 10(Separate drying) 20(drying in mill)
Adaptability of granularity bad good
The main reasons influencing operation rate To run a certain cycle ball to remove iron slag Roller and plate lining repair after abrasion
large-scale difficutly easy

Significant energy saving effect of vertical mill machine will replace grinding ball mill energy consumption is too large

An annual output of 600000 tons of vertical mill system in ball mill system energy saving: 42kWh/t X 600000 T= 25,2millionkWh

Vertical mill grinding system covers an area of about 70% of the ball mill system, lower construction costs

Compared with ball mill system, vertical grinding machine has an obvious advantage in mineral powder metal recycling, vertical mill tons of ore powder metal recovery was 0.2 0.3%, ball mill is 0; With an annual output of 600000 tons of ore powder line, recycled scrap is about 1200-1800 tons/year

Ore than ball mill in the production of uniform particle size distribution, good liquidity

Vertical mill system revealed the specific surface area of 430 m squared/kg, kuangfen activity can achieve maximum play to 28 days

Learn from henan meng electricity experiment data, incorporating mineral powder can improve the cement strength of 28 d 15% 20%


Vertical mill grinding system in lower production costs, energy conservation and consumption reduction, kuangfen quality, etc., are better than that of the ball mill system.


Vertical mill grinding system produces the type of product will win ball mill in terms of quality and price system in the production of mineral powder, its kuangfen huge competitive advantage would be preferred in cement plant, mixing station and other purchasers of best-selling products.

"Great Wall machinery slag powder production line process diagram"

Wet slag storage and transportation: wet slag by motor transport into the factory, the discharge hopper, belt conveyor into the slag heap tent storage and discharge material by forklift, hopper, through constant feeder measurement by belt conveyor after delivery directly to the slag vertical grinding machine, electromagnetic iron remover on belt conveyor is set in addition to iron.

Slag powder grinding and storage: wet slag by quantitative feeding said measuring directly into the roller mill by belt conveyor after feeding mouth, after drying and grinding of slag powder after long bag pulse dust collector to collect by air transport chute, winding machine into the slag powder library.

【The Great Wall, slag vertical mill process of three unique advantages】

System power consumption is less than 43 KWH/t, in line with the national energy conservation and emissions reduction, reduce the production cost
The introduction of Japan's UBE UBE vertical mill technology, stable performance, high output, cover an area of an area small
Optimize the grinding way, with the best specific surface area and particle size distribution, the slag activity of maximum play

Slag Vertical Mill Technical Data Sheet

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Model and specification diameter of millstone D(mm) median diameter of roller D(mm) quantity of roller n standard installed power P(kW) Standard ability(t/h)
GRMS26.21 2600 1600 2 1000 30
GRMS33.31 3300 1700 3 1600 45
GRMS35.41 3500 1800 4 1800 60
GRMS40.41 4000 1900 4 2240 70
GRMS43.41 4300 2120 4 2800 90
GRMS46.41 4600 2240 4 3150 90
GRMS48.41 4800 2240 4 3550 125
GRMS50.41 5000 2360 4 3800 140
GRMS53.41 5300 2500 4 4200 150
GRMS56.61 5600 2500 6 5000 160

Benefit Analysis — Great Wall machinery yearly produces 600000 tons of slag powder production line

The Great Wall of xinxiang machinery annual output of 600000 tons of ore powder production line running parameters
Designed production capacity(t/h) 90
Actual propduction capacity(t/h) 105
model GRMS46.41
Finsh fineness(m²/Kg) 430
Sigle mill power consumption(kWh/t) 28.5
System power consumption(kWh/t) 37
Metal recovery rate of one tone slag(%) 0.2~0.3

The mineral powder production line adopts the totally enclosed design, green environmental protection, by the end of 2013, the whole system runs stably, without any fault.


【investment return】

Project index actual motion
commissioning date commissioning date april,2011
investment calculations total investment 50million
cost account cost of raw material 70 yuan/t
Production costs (including wages, electricity, coal, maintenance fees, cost of sales, etc.) 50 yuan
profit calculation Price 160 yuan/t
profit per ton 30 yuan/t
annual profit 30×60million=1800million
economic benefit 2 years and 10 months recycling all investment (now in a state of pure profit)
The quality of slag powder Specific surface area 430 m²/kg
7 d activity index Can reach 100%
activity index Achieve GGBS national standard S95 level above
Product Sales Product sales region Product sales in xinxiang, shangqiu, xuchang, etc

【The Great Wall machinery yearly produces 600000 tons of ore quality inspection report】

inspection unit Henan built courtyard building materials inspection co., LTD
Inspection unit address Zhengzhou hongqi road no. 34 (henan building materials research and design institute)
The sample name used in the cement and concrete in graining of blast furnace slag powder
entrusting party xinxiang great wall slag powder co.,ltd
Entrust unit address Gaoville Mengzhuang Town, Huixian City
production unit xinxiang great wall slag powder co.,ltd
sample size 5KG
The sample status gray mealy
Sample grade S95 S95
Sample submission date Deliver date on June 15, 2011
Test Date Inspection date on June 15, 2011
inspection item Density, specific surface area, activity index, fluidity ratio, water content, sulfur, chlorine ion trichloride, ignition loss
Test according to GB/T18046--2008
Conclusion The qualified all items

Project Performance — The Great Wall machinery more than 40 slag powder production line case presentation


【Case Recommended】Great Wall machinery ore powder production line

  • 1.5 Million t/a GGBS Plant of Baosteel Group Corporation

    900,000 t/a GGBS Plant of Hongyan Building Materials Co., Ltd.

    CHAEG GGBS Plant with 600,000 t/a Capacity

    600,000 t/a GGBFS Plant for Xinji Gangxin Cement Co., Ltd.

  • 600,000 t/a slag powder production line for Xinxiang Xin Xing Company.

    600,000 t/a slag powder production line for Hebei Xinji Company.

    GRMS46.41slag powder production line for Henan Chunjiang Group in Weihui city.

    450,000 t/a slag powder production line in Donggang City, Liaoning Province.

  • 300,000 t/a nickel slag powder production line in Xuchang City, Henan Province.

    300,000 t/a slag powder production line for Xinxiang Xinxing Company.

    Huanghua Slag powder EPC line with annual production of 300,000t.

    300,000 t/a slag powder production line for Xinxiang Ruifeng Company.

【Case Video】


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