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Future trend for the GGBS product

2016-03-24 15:34:40

The ferrous slag market in 2014 was worth an estimated US$30bn. It is forecast to grow by 1.6% to US$36bn by 2025, according to a new report .The Future of Ferrous Slag to 2025 examines the factors affecting ferrous slag production to provide a basis for forecasting the quantities likely to be produced up to the year 2025. It looks at current and possible future applications of slag and describes the trends in regulations affecting the market.

The current potential market supply of blast furnace slag is estimated to be 447Mt, of which almost 295 – 300Mt is granulated blast furnace slag (GBS). The total output of ferrous slag is expected to increase only slowly, or to stagnate and decline marginally . Changes in the Chinese steel industry will contribute substantially to this rising share of EAF steel in world supply. China produces half of world crude steel steelworks account for over 80% of China's steel output.

In the current market, it is estimated that total production of ferrous slag of all types amounts to US$24.5bn. While it is possible that supply will increase only slowly, if at all, there is growing demand for slag products, which is likely to ensure that the value per tonne of slag products will increase. The growth in demand has been accelerated by environmental legislation and by direct intervention from governments and international bodies.

Demand for slag products has been affected by market cycles. The collapse of construction activity in Europe, as a consequence of the financial crisis, reduced sales of slag for cement and aggregate use. Over the medium term, there is every prospect that demand will outrun supply. Currently GGBS meets only an estimated 17% of global cement supply. Slag products as aggregate substitutes meet only 1 - 1.5% of total demand.

As a new type of high performance concrete admixture, ground granulated blast slag (GGBS) has all kinds of performance advantages about improving concrete compressive resistance, tensile resistance, sheared resistance and bended resistance. At present, with the same amount of GGBFS instead of concrete and cement product of cement dosage, which has become the main trend of building materials industry. Great Wall Machinery is a professional supplier of GGBS production line, provide "turnkey" service from civil engineering to debugging and capacity and standard reaching to customers, let customers put into production of GGBFS with saving worry, saving effort and high-efficiency.

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