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Industrial Waste Slag Solution-Slag EPC Project

2016-05-19 10:56:19

 In recent years, Southeast Asian countries, accelerate the adjustment of industrial structure, vigorously promote the industrialization, urbanization process, but the infrastructure construction is still in the ascendant, especially in Indonesia is flourishing demand for steel.this year is expected to more than 15 million tons, up nearly 10% on the previous year, and by 2025 the number will reach 26 million tons.

Growing metallurgical production inevitably produce large amounts of industrial waste slag. Currently Indonesia mineral slag, nickel slag and iron slag, processing is still in its infancy, almost no processing, some of them used for reclamation or fill the crater. Without any disposing, they will case the raise dust, pollute the air and soil, and silt the river. The toxic chemicals in them will even harm human and animals’health.

On 10th November, 2015, Chairman of Indonesia Growth Steel Group, came to CHAENG (Xinxiang Great Wall machinery co. LTD.) had made final inspection and signed about 300,000 t/y of nickel slag grinding line project, which will be put into operation in the second half of 2016. This cooperation indicatesCHAENG mineral slag EPC project, steel slag EPC project and nickel slag EPC project go abroad to the world again.

It is said that the utilization rate of steel slag for some developed countries reach 60%. For example, French and Canada use steel slag as ballast of railway. Japan and Germany use steel slag as cement raw material. Some countries of Western Europe extract the calcium, silicon, manganese and microelement in steel slag use as fertilizer, and all of those make steel slag re-apply in life, the problems of difficult stacking and environmental pollution are solved completely.

With people’s knowing about the GGBS (Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag) performance and economic value, now many cement and concrete enterprises start to produce and use GGBS. The activity GGBS used in cement production can replace large amount clinker, used in concrete can replace large amount cement and improve the concrete performance. It can lower the production cost, save energy and reduce emission.Such as Mineral slag is the waste slag discharged from blast furnace during pig iron smelting. It could be concrete admixture after grinding process.Nickel slag is the solid waste generated by smelting nickel iron alloy. The nickel iron alloy is the main raw material for stainless steel.Steel slag is the waste residue in the process of steel making, including converter slag and electric furnace slag, approximately takes 15-20 percent of crude steel capacity.Manganese slag is the waste of smelting Manganese. It could be the material of silicon manganese alloy after milling process.

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Vertical roller mill is typically designed to grinding industrial waste slag to powder. The integrated vertical milling system, pioneered by CHAENG that has successfully built more than 100 mineral slag, steel slag and nickel slag grinding lines at home and abroad, can deal with all the slag mentioned above. GRM has been tested and verified by the practices, and also benefits millions of money for enterprises.

Advantage of CHAENG’S vertical roller mill

1. High efficiency and low power consumption in powder milling

2. The consumption of material is low in unit product

3. Low noise in material powder milling, operate with negative pressure, low dust pollution

4. Simple in technology flow, meanwhile finish the function of material powder milling, drying and powder selection

5. With easy operation system, saving labor cost.

6. Low area occupying, compact allocation, light weight in system equipment and low investment in civil construction