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Slag grinding plant 2.0 system

2016-05-17 15:15:00

 To meet customer demand for integrated procurement, CHAENG ( Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery ) in the original "one vertical mill 6 service", based on the slag grinding plant integration services for a highly scalable system, launched a new "A vertical mill with eight services" mode, that is, slag grinding plant 2.0 system. 2.0 slag production line system from the initial production line design, color configuration to the vertical mill technology and environmental protection and other aspects greatly improved.

"8 Service" do customer projects housekeeper

CHAENG "TA vertical mill with eight services" comprising: Rmaterial testing,Programme design,Equipment manufacturing,Install,Debugging,Technical training,Standard production,Production contract eight aspects.From the project to the final pre-production, CHAENG to provide full guidance and equipment for main and auxiliary processing production, the maximum to meet your sourcing needs integrated, truly allows you to choose rest assured that the use of peace of mind, Service pleasant.

A vertical mill with eight services.jpg

"Blue Lake" image representative of the CHAENG new green card

CHAENG ore line 2.0 system, the production line from the original primary colors red, gray, blue lake updates.

On the one hand, pure Acqua contains innovative features and calm, on behalf of CHAENG Technology , efficient product brand and corporate image steady thick.

On the other hand, it is as blue lake blue lake in general, but also contains the CHAENG concept of sustainable development. CHAENG in production and sales of each system is conducive to promoting the production, lifestyles and consumption patterns of resource conservation and environmental protection, and promote economic and social development and natural resources and the environment.

slag grinding system components.jpg

PI:slag grinding system components

c8e51a61651d0be18cd4ffc3fcbf20d4.jpgUpgraded Listing intelligent vertical mill more energy efficient equipment

50 years in the field of grinding, CHAENG adhering to the "technology world, the Great Wall wisdom made" business philosophy has always been to product development and technological innovation as a top priority, ongoing optimization and upgrading of vertical mill system. The CHAENG and Henan University of Science and Technology and research institutes to establish a "research" base, developed to meet the current environmental policy development stand mill products, not only to improve the grinding efficiency, but also significantly reduce the energy consumption of grinding, won a good market reaction.

Vertical mill structure principle.jpg

PI:Vertical mill structure principle


November 2015, the CHAENG and India Nisuke Steel Group concluded a successful annual output of 300,000 tons of nickel slag powder production line turnkey project contract, the production line used in the program is the CHAENG 2.0 new upgrade system. The project is currently being designed, civil engineering and equipment manufacturing stage, is expected in July 2016 formally put into operation.

Su Steel 300,000 tons of iron slag powder production line project renderings.jpg

PI:Su Steel 300,000 tons of iron slag powder production line project renderings

CHAENG to build the domestic first-class grinding system integrated service provider brand, adhere to the "customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit of" business philosophy, we will continue to increase the vertical integration of mining industry chain, to provide more comprehensive one-stop total service solution program for customers to create more wealth!