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Steel Casting Manufacturing and Internet integration is the trend of modern industry

2016-05-16 13:50:31

QQ截图20150320100420_副本.jpg On May 4 State Council executive meeting,the Prime Minister again mentioned " 'Internet +' is the 'Made in China 2025' important support to promote the integration and development of the foundry industry and the Internet."

The meeting stressed the need to promote the depth of integration of the foundry industry and the Internet to speed up the "Made in China" upgrade.

The Prime Minister said "We 'Internet +' process of development, e-commerce is indeed walking in the forefront of the world, but in the foundry industry, use of the Internet, we still need to speed up the pace." "China is already a major industrial country, but from the industrial powers there are no small distance, which need to expedite the implementation of the foundry industry and the Internet depth integration process. "

At the meeting, the Prime Minister cites the example of Germany and the United States. "Germany 'Industry 4.0' mainly 'foundry industry + Internet', while the US is more 'Internet + foundry industry'. Although each other, and the path is not the same, but they are to enhance the level of the foundry industry." Li said "both have their own characteristics. we want to move industrial powers, it is necessary to absorb more experience in these two areas."

The Prime Minister also referred to the previous study, discussion of several examples: Haier become entrepreneurs by creating a platform for large enterprise employees; total nuclear "Hualong One," the core design, gathered via the Internet in more than 20 cities power more than 500 terminals, thousands of people focus on research.

"A feature of the Internet is a great 'collection Trimaran' through the Internet to find a solution in the world, you can save a lot of manpower and intelligence." Li said, "This is the only way of modern industrial development."

He stressed that to promote the innovation and development of the foundry industry innovation requires not only large enterprises, large enterprises and SMEs also need collaborative innovation. Local governments should support manufacturing enterprises to build Internet-based "double hit" platform, based on the national new industrialization demonstration base construction and national economic and technological development zone "double hit" demonstration bases. Telecommunications companies want to "double hit" base speed broadband access to further reduce costs.


Big data about use of the Internet to change the traditional casting industry, Li Keqiang to suit version Chinese garment industry to use an example that in the past Japan is not in Europe, has not come up with their own version, since a data collection by a very difficult . Big Data now provides a new path. Jiangsu, a clothing business two or three years ago, has accumulated more than 200 million version of the type of data. With big data, we can support customization basic version above.

"Relying on big data and other Internet technology, enterprise innovation level of the traditional casting industry has been significantly improved." Prime Minister said.