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Indonesia 300,000 tons of ultra-fine vertical mill equipment shipments friends

2016-05-20 16:00:10

 May 11 --13 days, more than 30 large trucks one after another from the CHAENG ( Great Wall Machinery ) factory exit.According to the person in charge of the site,These vertical mill host, auxiliary equipment and accessories will be sent to Indonesia, to provide installation and commissioning of host and auxiliary Indonesia Sugang 300,000 tons of Nickel slag production line.

This production line is an upgraded version 2.0 of CHAENG production line turnkey project, the host uses GRMS33.31 vertical mill. Currently the project design, construction and equipment manufacturing phase has been successfully completed, the device will begin the installation, commissioning, it is expected to officially put into operation in July.

Product shipments Photos.jpg

Product shipments Photos.jpg

Figure: more than 30 large trucks pulled out from CHAENG'S factory

This production line differs frome previous slag / iron / Nickel production line that:

Lake Blue in color expression of manufactured products and natural ecological harmony new ideas

CHAENG conventional industrial equipment are based on gray-based, but with the adjustments and changes in industrial structure, environmental protection requirements in the industrial field to occupy a greater voice, Therefore, in version 2.0 upgrade ultra-fine grinding slag plant system design, the use of blue as the main colors of the lake, combined with a corresponding light blue and white, three colors throughout the production line is always, expressed enthusiasm CHAENG equipment manufacturing products and natural ecosystems harmony good wishes.

Paint color new upgrade, CHAENG officially adhering to the "beautiful blue sky, from the Great Wall wisdom made" concept of comprehensive and reflects the practice, the company will also benefit from 'technology, quality, cost, service' four full realization of upgrading, with kind of meticulous manufacturing process, the pursuit of excellence in the spirit of enterprise, high-end equipment manufacturing industry will create a world-class brand.

vertical roller mill parts.jpg

2.0 technology and new applications subtle value to customers

As we all know, the CHAENG vertical mill set crushing, drying, grinding, separator, transportation in one, with high grinding efficiency, big drying capacity, product fineness is easy to adjust, low noise, low power consumption, the process is simple , wear small, operating cost saving, etc.Has become the industry leader, but the CHAENG were not satisfied with this, the entire system has been treated dust, from the heap expect the final product is made fully enclosed production, on the one hand be able to eliminate most of the dust to achieve the purpose of collecting environmental protection, on the other hand the new system will also be carried out to maximize the value-added service.

Taking into account the transportation of equipment to Indonesia, equipment need long transit time, therefore CHAENG adopted a series of technology protection measures, strictly avoid equipment appears damp, vibration damage phenomenon, to ensure a smooth installation and post-production. As Wang Jizhong, chairman of the CHAENG often said, "never let our customers not to pay a professional."

Product shipments Photos.jpg

Picture: CHAENG ultra-fine vertical mill dust collector housing body

This batch of equipment will be concentrated in the harbor at the end of May Finish, began construction in early June, it is expected in July 2016 formally put into operation.

Summary: CHAENG of cooperation with the Indonesian Su steel, on the one hand is to promote national policies "along the way" strategy, the China-Indonesian bilateral capacity cooperation rendered gratifying situation, to some extent, CHAENG and Indonesian Su steel Group International waste recycling cooperation smooth implementation of the project provides an important opportunity; the other hand, with the CHAENG technical capabilities in the field of industrial waste grinding process, management, accumulated experience are inseparable.