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Biofuels are first used in China, another 300000 t/a slag powder production line of CHAENG has put i

2015-11-23 10:02:59

  On November 10, 2015 at 9 o 'clock, the Hebei Bazhou 300000 t/a slag powder production line of CHAENG is formally put into production, as the EPC turnkey contractor, Related officials of CHAENG Participated in the opening ceremony, and offering warmest congratulations.

  The biggest difference between this production line and the other 70 production line had made by CHAENG is the Biofuels has been used as the heat source, Biofuels are the product of the process of Organic waste harmless and resource recovery, all the living material of Biofuels can turn Into the earth's biological cycle, Even the released carbon dioxide will be absorbed by plants and participate in the cycle of earth again, achieve zero emissions, the indissolubility, Recyclability Is a kind of modern advanced production mode.

  Top 5 advantage: Without the desulfurization, zero release, cyclic utilization, Storage and transportation is convenient, the energy ratio 1:1.1

  in recent years, CHAENG Put special emphasis on innovation in environmental protection, in the Hebei Aosen 600000 t/a slag production line, blast furnace gas was used as heat source, its use save the cost of fuel, also taked advantage of waste gas of adjacent Steel Plant

  end of October, the Hebei Bazhou slag powder production line’s pilot run, let we know CHAENG’s GRMS33.31 slag VRM has the characteristic of Stable running, low noise, specific surface area could reach 500㎡/kg, can fully meet the requirement of fine quality for mixing plant.

  It is understood, Hebei Bazhou slag powder factoy has built 2 slag poeder production line Until now, The annual output up to 600000 tons. Has sign a contract of the new 300000 t/a production with CHAENG at the end of march this year, the construction and production to begin at the beginning of April, finished at the end of November, With only seven months, CHAENG has finished the equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning, Make the customer start production fast and easy