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The difference between rotary drum dryer and rotary kiln

2015-11-13 09:36:17

  Rotary drum dryer is the heat and dry device of material. Rotary drum dryer is used for drying material with humidity or granularity in the industries of mineral dressing, building material, metallurgy and chemical. Rotary Kiln is a kind of thermal equipment calcines lump, bulk and slurry materials.


The differences between rotary drum dryer and rotary kiln:

  1. dry mining equipment has strong anti-overload ability, large handling capacity, less fuel consumption, low dry cost.

  2. flour dryer adopt current way to dry.The wet flue gas and material is same side into the drying machine, using high temperature fume to achieve very high strength of evaporation.

  the exit of rotary dehydrator shows low temperature and high thermal efficiency.

  3.According to different material properties to change operation parameters, Making the material in the flour dryer to form a stable cylinder body .The heat exchange is more sufficient .

  4.The New feeding and discharging device eliminate the drum drying machine feeding jams, discontinuity, uneven return the phenomenon . and reduce the dust removal system load.

  5.The new internal structure strengthened the clean of scattered materials and heat transfer effect, eliminates the cylinder body of the wall with glue phenomenon,it adapt greatly to material moisture.

  6.rotary drying machine achive 'Zero level thrust',greatly reduces the wheel wear and the cylinder body smooth operation and reliable

  7.According to user's requirment to control product size and moisture, coal slime water products can be lower than 8% when drying , the particle size can be controlled in 8 mm below.