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How to improve the production of cement mill
2015-09-11 10:47:23

Cement mill is widely used for cement clinker powder and other materials. Energy-efficient is a topic of concern by customers, in reality, there are many factors affect the production of cement mill, as we mentioned below: 

 1.the grinding process: if we don’t consider pre-crushing, grinding process can be divided into open and closed process flow, under the same conditions, output of the  latter was about 20% -30% than the former, wet new standard requires screening residue of cement mill product sieve over a greatly reduced, circuit grinding of cement also requires a high surface area, Therefore, a high open circuit grinding cement strength advantage is not so obvious, recommended by the conditions Cement, try using the circuit grinding process, to avoid the phenomenon of over-grinding of open flow, but also to ensure the mill Energy-efficient.
2.Water content: water directly affects the material standard ingredients and mill output and power consumption, first of all, due to the impact of feed material moisture uniformity, Material moisture high caused uneven and feeding, and second of all, because of the wet material is fed too much, it may cause the ball mill paste, paste liner occurs, even "full mill 'was forced to stop turning, in general, into the mill material integrated water every 1% increase in mill output will reduced by 8% to 10%, when the water is greater than 5%, dry grinding mill will not be working.
3.the size of materials: dry grinding mill due to the material energy utilization rate is only 2% to 3%, so it should be 'more broken less ground, with ground-breaking' pre-meal process, so that a substantial increase in production mill, powder grinding power consumption decreased significantly better yield energy savings.
4. Finished grinding surface area requirements: Whether raw material grinding or cement grinding, fineness of the finished product is different, yield of grinding also totally different.