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How to improve fineness of cement ball mill product
2015-09-10 16:49:52

Ball mill has been applied more and more in various industries, especially the cement industry. Great Wall Machinery has been developing cement ball mill professionally, with simple structure, convenient installation, high efficiency and energy saving features. Cement ball mill has different requirements for raw material size and cement size during production process. 

The mineral composition determines the cement hardness. Ball mill mainly increases early strength of cement, and has little influence on late strength. Fineness improving of mineral processing equipment to improve strength of cement is limited. If grinding continues 7500 square centimeters/g), cement strength will not increase, but decrease sometimes, coagulation time shortens. So it is not economical to grind cement into too fine size, only wasting energy. National Standard indicates, ordinary cement fineness must not exceed 15% (0.08 mm screen passing rate), the manufacturers usually control it within range of 5% ~ 7%. 
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Too large size particles of raw material will lead to difficult kiln calcination and difficult physical and chemical reactions. So chemical reaction speed and are in directly proportional to the specific surface area of chemical reaction among various materials, so to this point, it’s better if raw material size is small. But it does not mean the finer the better. Too fine product size will reduce cement capacity, meanwhile benefits of calcination is not obvious. So some factories will control raw material not only 0.08 mm screen passing rate, but also 900 screen hole passing rate allowance, so as to reasonable grain composition. Generally raw material size should be below 10% (0.08mm screen passing rate), generally most dressing equipments can meet the request. If there are quartz sand, fluorite, etc. are inside, they are difficult for chemical combination, the raw material should be finer. In fact, raw material size should be within 8%-10%. 
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