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3.2 * 13 m ball mill quotes how much

2016-05-05 16:44:58

 As of today's most widely used ball mill for fine grinding equipment, Concentrator ore grinding, power plants grinding pulverized coal, cement plants and cement grinding mixed materials, ceramics and glass industries in areas such as grinding materials plays an important role in saving and environmental protection requirements of today's economic development under the ball mill continues to occupy place.

Today we explain 3.2 * 13 m ball mill. First, the size 3.2 × 13 rice for specifications, we can know that this ball mill is the inner diameter of the barrel length of 3.2 meters, 13 meters on behalf of the barrel.If some names are shown three positions cement mill, we can understand the requirements of the ball mill structure into three positions.

First, 3.2 * 13 m ball mill are divided into several?

3.2 * 13 m ball mill depend grinding media is balls or steel forging can be divided into ball mill and rod mill; unloading methods are two kinds of discharge centers and central discharge, Wherein the central discharge can be divided into: grid ball mill and overflow ball mill; by way of support there may be divided into the spindle bearing and sliding shoe support ; Divided by the transmission mode can be divided into edge drive and center drive ball mill.

Each mode ball mill have advantages and disadvantages,CHAENG (Great Wall Machinery) 3.2 * 13 m ball mill can reasonably choose the best configuration for customers according to customer specific requirements and specific working conditions

Second, ball mill working principle, composition and accessories


3.2 * 13 m ball mill constituted including: feeding device, discharge device, lubrication system, the barrel portion, transmission, bearing and so on.

3.2 * 13 m ball mill feeding device and discharge device.jpg

PI:3.2 * 13 m ball mill feeding device and discharge device

3.2 * 13 m ball mill supporting and trunnion bearing.jpg

PI:3.2 * 13 m ball mill supporting and trunnion bearing

3.2 * 13 m ball mill barrel portion.jpg

3.2 * 13 m ball mill access door.jpg

PI:3.2 * 13 m ball mill barrel portion and access door

Third, 3.2 * 13 m ball mill quotes how much?

3.2 * 13 m ball mill good quality ang cheap price, our customers receive a high degree of trust and evaluation!You can now consult online customer service, or send us a message Website,our sales manager will contact with you as soon as possible and give you the ball mill quote!

Fourth,3.2 * 13 m ball mill process indicators

After product by 3.2 * 13 m ball mill grinding must meet the requirements of different industrial sectors:

1) clinker particle size: <25mm

2) limestone particle size: <25mm

3) Gypsum size: <50mm

4) Admixture size: <30mm

5) into the mill water: 1% -1.5%

6) into the mill temperature: less than 50 ℃

7) the degree of grinding: cement raw material 0.08mm square hole sieve 8-10%; cement 5-8%; pulverized coal: 14% or less