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Slag powder production technology and the use of cement industry

2016-05-04 10:08:20

With economic development, in recent years the importance of environmental resources, protect the environment, conserve resources has become a business development rules. Wherein slag, blast furnace slag and other solid waste is the main channel for environmental pollution, which has been the development of technology, slag, blast furnace slag utilization caused public concern. Slag powder is a new high-strength, high-performance concrete indispensable reference compound.

Slag powder is a new high-strength, high-performance concrete indispensable mineral admixture of an inorganic material, is a high-tech building materials and products. Incorporating high-performance ground blast furnace slag cement slag as a new type of green building materials, substitute an equal amount of slag powder and cement concrete products for various purposes in the amount of cement, can significantly improve the overall performance of concrete and cement products.

Slag powder processing equipment preferred vertical mill machine

Slag grinding using vertical mill, there is an open and closed two processes, the specific surface area of their products is generally 420 ~ 450m2 / kg, but generally not more than 500m2 / kg. In order to ensure the mill qualified products must exist obvious over-grinding phenomenon, when the requirements of the product higher specific surface area, over-grinding phenomenon is even more serious. In this case, if the mill is too long, and a few more positions, such as grinding three positions require the ability to balance the three positions, three Hoppers basically the same, if the slag under the grindability of insufficient understanding of the situation, the blind determine the distribution and warehouse grinding grading, then it may be difficult to ensure the dynamic equilibrium of three Hoppers, bringing unexpected situation in production, affecting the normal production and mill performance.

Slag particle size is smaller than the cement clinker, but grinding harder than the clinker. The same mill, about 40% of the production of slag powder production when only the production of cement when, how to make the long tube mill’s three warehouse capacity in a dynamic equilibrium, it's difficult to grasp in the actual production, especially slag powder, a new materials, production of cement companies experience less, so more can not blindly choose the mill specifications.

CHAENG can provide all kinds of vertical roller mill,and the advantages of CHAENG vertical roller mill as follow:

1.System power consumption is less than 43 KWH/t, in line with the national energy conservation and emissions reduction, reduce the production cost.

2.The introduction of Japan's UBE UBE vertical mill technology, stable performance, high output, cover an area of an area small.

3.Optimize the grinding way, with the best specific surface area and particle size distribution, the slag activity of maximum play

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