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The Development Trend of Mining Grinding Machinery In China

2016-01-04 14:07:46

  In recent years,Mining Grinding Machinery in ore and mineral processing production plays an important role,what are the main features?

  1.the international famous brand advanced equipment constantly optimize the development direction is adopted, the new design thought, the introduction of modern scientific technology and large scale.

  2.comminution theory and test technology development, catastrophe theory, fractal theory, discrete teaching method was introduced in the research of comminution theory. Theoretical study on milling process and grinding work index studies continue to be reported. Comminution technology tends to use small laboratory tests and computer simulation to replace the semi industrial test.

  3.material layer comminution principle of comminution engineering equipment research and development had a tremendous impact. New equipment development and transformation of old equipment generally adopted this principle. a result of the realization of more crushing and less grinding is the key to reducing and ultimately crushed product size (i.e., the grinding particle size ), so that a range of scientific research and development work, broken equipment proportion is larger than the grinding equipment, the fine and ultra fine Mining Grinding Machinery research and development of larger proportion. order to achieve more crushing and less grinding, more and more domestic introduction of advanced international comminution engineering equipment, and more and more the introduction of large-scale equipment.

  6.the development of the domestic Mining Grinding Machinery of small to medium size, development characteristic is the type of diversification. Some products (such as ball mill ) in the direction of large-scale development.