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What is the maximum diameter of customized girth gear from great wall

2015-12-30 14:50:20

  As is known to all, girth gear is transmission parts of rotary kiln, ball mill and other mechanical equipment. With the progress and development of cement technology, Large scale has become a development trend of cement equipment, as transmission parts, the diameter of t the girth gear and processing technology is a new breakthrough.

  Great Wall steel casting as a well-known domestic large steel casting processing manufacturer, with years of experience in steel casting research and development, production, processing experience, can provide customers with various types of large steel casting processing services, to satisfy the personalized needs of customers. The girth gear is the Great Wall steel casting flagship product, at present, the Great Wall steel casting has provided many girth gear processing services for numerous customers both at home and abroad, received the consistent high praise of customer.


gear ring12.jpg  Customer from Qing dao

  Diameter of girth gear: 6M

  Material of girth gear: GS34CrMo

  Weight of girth gear: 19 T

  Modulus of girth gear:30

  Customer feedback: watching the ball mill,which worked many year,is working with the new girth gear, running situation as before, the feeling is very delighted, choose the Great Wall, yeah!

  Customer from Shang hai

  Diameter of girth gear: 7.3M

  Material of girth gear: GS34CrMo4

  Weight of girth gear: 34T

  Modulus of girth gear:36

  Customer feedback: From acquaintance to cooperation, we have visited the Great Wall Steel Casting three times in all. For the first time, field trips, impressive; Second, the quality testing, signed a cooperation; Third, product acceptance, cooperate happily.

  Customer from Germany

  Diameter of girth gear: 6.3M

  Material of girth gear: DINGS34CrNiMo6

  Weight of girth gear: 20T

  Modulus of girth gear:42

  Customer feedback: The quality of girth gear ,which processed by engineers from Great Wall steel casting , is excellent, not only saved the cost of production for the company, also matching with the existing equipment well.

  If you need to purchase the girth gear with diameter from 2 m to 14 m in recently, can come to visit Great Wall steel casting. Good service and perfect quality will make you satisfied.