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Great wall survival through "Going Abroad"

2015-09-10 16:35:04

Basing on development of cement industry, “Going Abroad” Experience in China has experienced only cement and clinker product export, labor service export, production operation management contracting export, until latest cement construction project in order to increase export of cement technology, cement equipment, machinery services. The technology and equipment advantages of Chinese enterprises are widely accepted especially in the process of cement engineering construction, cement industry. In recent years, a batch of domestic large-scale cement enterprises starts to invest in Southeast Asia, Africa, Central Asia and other regions. As a result, the cement output capital of “Going Abroad” provides more possibilities and market space for cement plant.

As a professionalvertical roller mill manufacturer, Great Wall Machinery Company has been providing cement grinding equipment, cement production lines for a long time for the cement enterprises. The Great Wall with many years manufacturing experience of vertical roller mills, through the accurate grasp of market changes, are ready prepared ahead of time, and improves enterprise competitiveness in the fierce market competition meanwhile to supply the Chinese cement enterprises with high quality cement EPC services.

The fact shows that, on the way of "Going Abroad", Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery steps in front of the counterparts, and can provide different specifications of cement production line constructions for contractors, turnkey service for slag powder production lines. It is an integration of machinery manufacturer including project design, product manufacturing, equipment installation, commissioning operation and other services.