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Focus on quality, sincerity spread

2015-09-11 10:41:39

  At present, the machinery and equipment manufacturing industry is facing difficulties. The market environment is getting worse. But the vertical mill manufacturer continues striving for foreign markets by virtue of its own technical strength, and learning from the development experience of cement enterprises. Great wall Machinery researches and develops “multi-purposes” vertical mill, which was introduced from foreign technology, and represents the most advanced productivity of China's cement industry through the cooperation of domestic cement enterprises. It not only promotes the “go aboard” development strategy in cement field, but also helps getting rid of development dilemma and gains more markets range for equipment manufacturer.

  Vertical mill is generally speaking large style machinery equipment. It will be somehow damaged and failure because of long-running working period and frequently intimate contact. End users must spend a large amount of time and money when failure occurs. Comparing with other fast pin, the sale service for vertical mill eventually means further and vital. Moreover, from the future trend, “turn-key” service will be the core competitiveness for vertical mill company. It mainly involves pre-sale service such as vertical mill parameters/prices consults and design scheme of vertical mill production line; on sale service such as vertical mill design, manufacture, packaging; after sale service such as installation, commissioning, maintenance of the vertical mill. The after sale service is the most important among above because clients will particularly concern about it when purchasing vertical mill.

  As a China Brand vertical mill manufacturers, Great Wall Machinery always placing customer in first, refining service and following the development trend of cement industry. We believe in “no excuses, find solutions”, insists technical breakings, product quality optimizing and improving service level, in order to exclude the clients’ difficulties and expand profits.