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Cement Vertical Roller Mill —— Energy saving, environmental protection good choice

2016-01-07 14:09:50

  In reasent years, the State council has carried out the Made In China2015. It has put the country’s manufacturing improving and environment friendly manufacturing as one of the most important tasks. It also mean the machinery industry will meet the new stage and markets. As the high energy cost, heavy pollution industry, during the cement production, it will cost large amount of mine, coal and electricity, also with large amount of Co2, NOx and PM. So it is quite necessary to save energy , reduce the emission and reduce the air pollution.

  Now, most cement factory in China still take the high energy emission and high pollution cement ball mills.But the vertical roller mill has take the materials bed grinding, and take the crushing, grinding,drying and selection together. During grinding, it not only reduce the electric emission, but also reduce the Co2 emission. For many companies, take the vertical roller mills to replace the ball mills is the best choice. The age of grinding without balls is coming.

  1. Cement vertical roller mill system saving energy can over 30%.

  From our customers, compared with ball mills, the vertical roller mill has big advantages of unit electric emission, grinding balls loss and the total equipment.

φ4.2×13m ball mill and roller press machine
vertical roller mill
Design capacity(t/h)
Reality capacity(t/h)
Electricity emission(kWh/t)
Grinding balls loss(g/t)
Total power(kWh)

  Take our GRMK46.41 vertical roller mill as an example, the details loss parameters as the form below:

  From the form above, the electric emission of vertical roller mill is 33kwh/t, compared with ball mill, lower 16kwh/t,the lower ratio is 33%. At the same time, the capacity will raise 30% and the cost lower 80%.

  2. The vertical roller mill system can reduce the Co2 emission.

  With the obviously low energy cost, high efficiency advantages,according to the texts, compared with ball mills, during per ton cement production, the vertical roller mill can reduce the Co2 emission 7.9-19 kg. It means that, a 5000t/d cement plant, it can reduce the Co2 emission 1185o--28500 tons per year.