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The cost of investing environmental lime kiln

2015-12-01 13:31:45

  Recently, the number of advisory customers for Great Wall Machinery lime kiln is increasing especially gains more attention from many building materials factories, after put into production of annual output of 400,000 tons lime production line, which is Great Wall contract to build for Guangxi Huayan.

  It is reported, at present, there are a lot of lime production line were built in domestic, their common features are output in 200-300 tons per day, running in good condition in the later, ideal for build in small and medium lime enterprises, for example, Guangxi Huayan with capacity of 300 tons per day .

  Unlike domestic, the new lime kiln capacity is higher at abroad, 2200 tons per day has been put into production, which will be the development tendency of domestic lime kiln. That is to say, develop to upsizing, towards large-scale direction.

lime production line2.JPG

  Many customers have a lot of questions about environmental lime kiln; today, let’s have a look!

  1.How about the lime activity degrees produced by the environmental lime kiln?

  The lime activity degrees produce by environmental lime kiln is higher than the shaft kiln. The lime activity can reach up to 400ml on equal terms.

  2.How about products produced by the environmental kiln?

  The material heated evenly in the revolving lime kiln, the probability of mild and excessive calcination is low.

  3.What’s the requirement on the granularity of raw material for lime kiln?

  Rotary kiln can be directly calcine fine limestone in 10-50 mm. Build lime production line with rotary kiln, not only can make full use of high-quality limestone resources, and in line with the lime industry sustainable development policy.

  4.Does lime production line need configure the preheater?

  Vertical preheater configured in the kiln end can make full use of high temperature flue gas produced by calcination in rotary kiln; preheat limestone from room temperature to the initial state of decomposition, which not only can greatly improve the production of rotary kiln, can reduce heat consumption per unit product adequately.

  5.How to do the environmental friendly?

  The smoke temperature exhaust from vertical preheater of kiln end is low, between 280-350 ℃; low dust content, about 20g/Nm3, efficiently simplify the configuration of follow-up treatment to the flue gas, can successfully meet environmental requirements.

  6.How much money to invest environmental lime kiln?

  Because of different production capacity and the specific mining conditions of each region, the entire line and single devices with different prices, so please contact us for the details.

  7.What is the production process of lime line?

  Lime production line is a complete production line that composed of vertical preheater, rotary kiln, grate cooler, flue gas treatment system, raw material conveyor systems, product delivery systems, coal grinding system.

  All line adopts advanced technology, DCS central control system in reliable performance, centralized operation and management in the main control room.