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Great wall Vertical Roller Mill Working Principle

2015-09-08 09:28:00

Vertical roller mill has many different forms, but its working principle is basically the same. All these forms of machinery with the grinding roller (or the equivalent of the grinding roller grinding parts), grinding roll along the horizontal circular locus motion on the disc, is applied in the vertical pressure roller grinding through external, make the disc material by the combined effect of extrusion and shear, and can crush.

Vertical Roller Mill Working Principle:


The grinding process of materials: The motor drives the disc through the reducer rotating, the material falls from the feed opening disc center, under the action of centrifugal force to the edge of the grinding disc and the grinding roller compacted by moving, the crushed materials left disc, a separator is high speed upward flow is brought to development and vertical mill, coarse powder separator after the return to the disc re grinding.

Fine powder with an air flow mill, collected in the dust collecting apparatus system, namely the product. In the vertical mill in the material through the pneumatic conveying, need the air velocity is larger, it can use the waste heat gas, drying grinding at the same time.

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