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large steel casting--technological design‘s important influence on quality

2015-08-18 15:48:45

      As we know, technological design of large steel casting is the basic Technology of every foundry enterprise,If there is any link not well controlled, in the casting process, it will cause serious damage. As a famous domestic large steel casting factory, the Great Wall steel casting focus on large steel castings’ processing, design and development, provide complete sets of processing services for many well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers. Great Wall casting has a profound understanding of the process design of large steel castings o, also as a key link of the process of large steel castings’ lift quality efficiency.

  In the process of the technological design, the rational use of chills and select riser, you can reduce the amount of liquid metal; chill can be recycled and reused; the relationship between purchase cost of the riser and the cost-saving of the liquid steel should be considered synthetically.


 The application of the technology of numerical simulation on castings effective inspection the process design to avoid waste of raw materials, increase the probability of process qualified. With the Continuous popularization and application of casting simulation technology, process design becomes simplified, single, efficient. Moreover, in the process design of large-scale steel casting, The quality of the steel castings is the first priority, but safety, cost, the maneuverability of actual production, these three important factors in manufacturing processes are also very important.

  Until now, we have a very clear understanding about the importance of process design. Great Wall Casting think that the future development of casting technology should take advanced technology as guide, improving computer simulation technology, fully thinking about the safety, environmental protection, casting materials, process control, pattern structure, casting,solidification process simulation and process design. In this way, the production process will be more clear, the process design and practical application will be improved, finally achieve the quality and efficiency improving purposes.

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