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How does gypsum powder production line work
2015-10-08 15:59:49

  Gypsum Powder Production Line work process

  Gypsum is pushed into Chain Conveyor by forklift, then they are sent to stone Crusher equipment by Chain Conveyor, being crushed into small grain less than 25mm and then being stored and metered by Belt Scale then being sent into Vertical roller Mill to mill. After being milled, the qualified gypsum powder will be sent to rotary Kiln to calcine; after being calcined, parts of the temperature of the qulified gypsum powder is 800-100°C after being cooled. Then the gypsum powder is sent to hemi-hydrate gypsum storehouse by air current conveying system.


  Control system of Gypsum Powder Production Line

  We use DCS (Distributed Control System) because that powder control system is a process automatic system with dispersive control point, this system can be divided into 1 main station and 4 sub-station by the different zones, which are respectively in Main Control Room, Crusher, Calcinating, Mill, rotary Kiln and Storehouse. Every part of this system in Central Control Room and at Site can control all control points and know producing circs, writing down control cics and giving an alarm.

  Gypsum Powder production line is a continuous process, if one part is in trouble, it will stop the whole line, so it is very important to find out malfunction in time.