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Do you know the skill to choose suitable ball mill machine?

2017-08-30 14:15:23

Ball mill mahcine is an key equipment to grinding the crushed material, and which is suitable for all kinds of ore and other materials. The chaeng ball mill can grinding the ore and other material dry or wet, so the ball mill is widely used in mineral processing, building materials and chemical and other industries. As for there are many kinds and models of ball mill, the customer should pay attention when purchase the ball mill, now the CHAENG machinery will share the ball mill choosing skill to you.

 Do you know the skill to choose suitable ball mill machine?

1, according to the customer operating conditions and material properties to select the mostappropriat type of ball mill.

2, the selected equipment should ensure the required grinding required fineness conditions to complete the output.

3, visit CHAENG machinery the customer can known that, according to the scale of operations try to choose the right equipment, in order to save the area, saving investment, reduce the use of fees and improve labor productivity.

 Do you know the skill to choose suitable ball mill machine?

4, should use high operating rate of ball mill equipment to reduce maintenance and parking time, to avoid unnecessary trouble.

5, if the ball mill equipment in the design without the actual data as a basis, must be required for grinding test, especially large-scale concentrator, should obtain the basic data to adjust the equipment.

6, the regular ball mill manufacturers will provide users with comprehensive after-sales service, but also to understand the manufacturers after-sales service, such as whether the manufacturers to provide training and production line design services; In addition, the future technical problems how to deal with. In this way, after the equipment problems, can have the appropriate measures and technical support.


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