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CHAENG Slag vertical mill process slag into desired particle

2016-05-10 17:08:25

 Slag powder can be substituted with the same amount of cement mixing concrete to improve the workability of concrete, according to the different demands of concrete, slag powder can be substituted with the same amount of 30-70% of cement per cubic meter of concrete will reduce production costs 15- 30 RMB, other admixtures not achieve that benefits. Further, since the ratio of water demand of slag powder and cement, slag powder can reduce the incorporation of water-cement ratio of concrete, reduce bleeding of concrete water, increase liquidity, improve pumpability,workability, and therefore maintain a good working properties.

slag production line.jpg

Slag vertical mill can process slag into concrete desired particle size of slag powder, and then merging and other materials to complete the production of concrete. Slag vertical mill machine accelerated the application process slag powder in concrete. Currently, Chaeng slag vertical mill and other mill equipment has also produced a wide range of slag powder, which will be achieved slag powder more value.

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