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Congratulations CHAENG become China Lime Association unit

2016-04-28 11:11:28

April 24-25, the two-day China Lime Association, the eighth member of Congress and Metallurgy 2016 Zhengzhou Metallurgical Lime technical exchange meeting perfect ending, this meeting has two issues: First, the election of a new leadership of the lime association.The second is a new challenge for the steel lime companies to face new opportunities under the new normal economic exchanges transformation and upgrading, innovation and development experience as well as to resolve excess capacity, technical innovation, to achieve energy conservation.

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Meeting Summary

The meeting, CHAENG with rich experience in lime production equipment and a strong sense of social responsibility,become a budding member unit of China Lime Association of cooperation.China Lime Association is lime enterprises as the mainstay, including those related to research, design, institutions and other relevant units from departments, regions and ownership restrictions, non-profit voluntary organization composed of national associations, more than 300 current members.During the meeting, President of China Lime Association Yinbao Ming China on the development of the lime industry conducted a comprehensive analysis, he pointed out that Chinese lime industry is a sunrise industry, but the lime industry production, especially in the metallurgical lime use, there is also backward technology and cognitive problems.

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CHAENG has 58 years of large-scale rotary kiln and large-scale slag vertical mill manufacturing experience, in 2014 the success of Guangxi Hua Yan turnkey construction of 400,000 tons of active lime kiln production line, the case has been China's building materials, etc. a number of industry media reports.

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CHAENG of active lime production line turnkey advantage

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1. Large yield. The highest yield of up to one-line 1500t / d;

2. Lime uniform product quality, raw burnt burn rate <8%;

3. The activity of the lime up to 400ml;

4. The system of energy-saving, environmental protection;

5. The high degree of automation, all using the remote control system DCS, 2-3 person can operate.

CHAENG turnkey service

CHAENG to build the first domestic counterparts, "A vertical mill with eight services" total concept, not only to provide a single host, accessories manufacturing processing, can also help customers to test raw materials, design, equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning, technical training, production standards, the production of the total project, let customers choose rest assured that the use of peace of mind, service pleasant.