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Speak in quality, CHAENG delivered 132t anvil block smoothly

2016-03-31 10:49:53

Recently, the 132t anvil block was completed smoothly which is made by CHAENG (Great Wall Steel Casting) for well-known casting forging company in Henan as well as leading domestic enterprise in forging industry in China. Within the next few days, the 132t anvil block will arrive at customer site and provide support for production.

steel casting processing.png

It’s heard that this time the 132t anvil block made by CHAENG used four packets into pouring, the steel water capacity reach 160.5 tons but actually the smelting steel capacity reached 165 tons, the smelting difficulty is unprecedented. In order to ensure product quality, CHAENG technical staff plan meticulously and organize scientifically for each process. Through cooperation and careful operation, we solve all kinds of problems in the process of casting steel effectively, implement the best match between the time of casting and the molten steel temperature, in that way ensure the quality of large cast steel anvil block wholly.

anvil block.jpg

In the future, CHAENG products will continue to adhere wisdom in essence that quality achieves future. In the casting steel field, we aim to cast out high-end steel products in excellent quality for more partners and contribute to the development of China foundry industry.