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2016 two sessions of the Chaeng of mechanical innovation and reform upstream is a competitive advant

2016-03-18 14:05:10

2016 on behalf of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and will just ended, it can be seen in "Thirteen Five" period, the country will remain in the doldrums macroeconomic development of the cement industry will optimize internal resource integration based. Downward pressure on economic growth in the larger situation, the cement industry vertical mill grinding equipment manufacturing industry how to usher in the spring?

Any time the economy has a good business and bad business. The more difficult the more time we should change their attitude, adjust the direction of good business. Difficulties in difficult times, tough forward the uniqueness, the absolute value in gold.

Chaeng (Xin Xiang Great Wall Machinery) During this period, not only actively developing cement, slag grinding market, is to focus on product development and technological innovation. Chaeng adhering to the "technology world, the Chaeng wisdom made" business philosophy, and efficient scientific research institutes to establish a "research" base, the development of energy-efficient vertical mill, high-energy ball mill, rotary kiln and other new products focused on China. At the same time, the recruitment of high-level scientific and technological personnel, college students and foreign language professionals, to absorb the international advanced scientific research and environmental protection, the advantages of having formed its own core technology products, actively develop its "one-stop" turnkey construction services for long-term development for the company to add enough stamina.

Through technological innovation, the Chaeng achieved rapid upgrading of products, most development to meet the current environmental policy legislation vertcal grinding mill products, drying, transport as a whole, to improve the grinding efficiency, grinding significantly reduces energy consumption.

Rotary kiln, the Chaeng of mechanical improvements burner structure, and high temperature seals, dry-filled heating and other advanced technology to achieve energy conversion. Except for cement clinker, the Chaeng machinery also expanded rotary kiln new application areas, such as lime burning, chemical industry lime, reduction of nickel, iron reduction and so on. New rotary kiln transformation through innovative technology, more energy saving than the original.

Chaeng through scientific and technological innovation, but also to achieve a green cement production line equipment localization of large-scale, promote the upgrading and technological progress the cement industry, in the building materials industry overcapacity grim situation successful enterprises to upgrade quickly in the Middle East, South America, Africa product promotion and other areas to start.

Solutions than problems, the phrase full of conventional wisdom, it is always the first time it was mentioned in Chaeng leadership. "Do not put difficulties as difficult, in fact, the difficulties also is opportunities." Go from production, to inventory, to find opportunities in deleveraging, Chaeng firmly believe that if the initiative to change, innovation-driven, will become difficult chance.