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Why the SCO meeting site in Zhengzhou

2015-12-15 11:20:14

   Shanghai cooperation organization(SCO) is the permanent inter-governmental and international organization, officially established in Shanghai on June 15, 2001, including China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan as member countries. The state head-meeting holds in turns once a year, usually by the members according to Russian alphabet. The regular meeting of the state is the president of the organization.


        1. Convenient transportation: Zhengzhou is the most important centre city of transportation and business logistics according to “The belt and road” policy. The internationally opened system and the triple play, four port integration and multimodal transport comprehensive transport mechanism has been gradually established. Moreover, Zhengzhou, as the traditional key-hub city of north-south domestic railway and Euro-Asia continental bridge, will be the new strategic platform for interaction and cooperation for economic corridor area from Euro to Asia.

  2.Rapid development of electronic commerce:Zhengzhou is becoming a "new captial" of cross-border electricity business. In recent years, zhengzhou high speed of economic development, Especially cross-border trade e-commerce industry chain has basic shape, zhengzhou as the center of cross-border commodity distribution center, Tell you a secret, Xinxiang electronic Commerce Department of the Great Wall Machinery is located in zhengzhou national 863 software park, Is using a good situation, With first-class Internet technology service for the general customers.


 3.the geographical advantage: Zhengdong new district has become the international new city in central China. Zhengdong New District "A blueprint for the painting" Prime minister Li Keqiang, write the decision, Regional function division, basic facilities, road traffic, urban management, etc., are construction strictly according to the national standard.

  With so many basic groundwork, The meeting location is in zhengzhou! Is understandable.