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Great Wall Machinery vertical roller mill daily maintenance

2015-12-10 15:35:49

Today’s vertical roller mill designs, specifications and operating parameters are tuned to production’s demand. Maintenance professionals are constantly being asked to increase component wear life and limit the down time required for proper care of the mill. The Separator Blades themselves offer a challenge that presents itself often, changes in the fines level effect wear life with every incremental increase.


One of the key components of the Vertical roller Mill is the Separator Louver Blade assembly. Dialing in the angle that will control the blend is critical to the quality of the product. All of the material processed by the mill passes over the blades and through the channels they provide. The blades themselves are subjected to extreme high velocity pneumatically driven fine particle wear throughout their service life. Monitoring the condition of the blades or any component inside the mill requires a maintenance shutdown and a “hands on” inspection of the piece.

Cement Manufactures are always on the lookout for advances in wear technology that can improve their plant’s efficiency. Great Wall Machinery, the leader in wear technology, has been tasked to provide the answers to many of today’s high wear applications. Great Wall Machinery’s world headquarters are located in Shreveport, Louisiana, with a team of field application specialists positioned throughout the world.