Great Wall News

The ways of ordering steel casting from Great Wall Steel Casting Company

2015-12-04 10:31:36

        Please note that project times often run up to 24 weeks leading up to full production delivery. Small shipment demands can often be accommodated in shorter periods. For questions on ordering or requesting a quote, contact our Sales Department.

   1.jpg    Design drawings and product samples: All clients should be prepared to provide an existing product sample to expedite planning and production. If product samples are not available, clients must provide an engineering drawing that includes all dimensions, stress/load requirements, machined surfaces and names or special markings required. Reliance Foundry can advise on preparing drawings for casting products, but unfortunately, we do not offer drawing services.

        Quantities required: Please provide quantities required for a project. Information should include initial product requests and should also consider future needs. Long-term considerations may affect initial pattern development, as different pattern materials will be more suitable for longer-term, high-quantity runs.

       Estimated weight: To ensure accurate quotations, estimated weights should reflect actual weights as closely as possible. Weight estimates are used to calculate costs for sourcing materials, processing and shipping. Unreliable estimates may lead to discrepancies between estimated and actual costs.

        Requested secondary processing: Unless otherwise specified, prices are quoted for rough (bare metal, un-machined, un-painted) castings free of gates, risers and extra metal. Please indicate any secondary processing required for products.

       Delivery details: Please provide information on when products will be required and an intended shipping destination. Requests that do not include a shipping destination will be quoted ExWorks according to Incoterms 2010, available for pick-up from our warehouse in Surrey, BC.