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Great Wall Machinery New type Ball mill advertages

2015-11-07 10:19:31

       Compared with the traditional ball mill,new type ball mill applies advanced technologies, which saving 20% or more energy overall, by reducing 18% to 25% of the motor power, saving 70% of lubricating oil and 90% of cooling water. It has been widely used in cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizer, ferrous and so on. Besides these advantages, does the new type ball mill have any other major advantages?

GWBM02_5.jpg   1. new type ball mill reduces motor power, lowers the installed capacity and thus to improve work efficiency and cut down consumption. Smooth operation and reliable performance.

    2.The hollow shaft employs steel casting, the lining is removable, the rotary rack wheel is processed by steel casting, and inside the cylinder body beset with wear-resisting scaleboard with good wear resistance

   3.the main bearings are lubricated with grease, easy to use and clean, eliminating heavy metal pollution.
   4.changing the slidable bearings for rolling ones, with large bearing capacity, and service life increased 5% or more than slidable bearings. Reducing downtime caused by bearing 5.making full use of the motor capacity, and outcome increased 5% to 7% by the improved lining structure.
6.optimizing the traditional ball mill production process, improving equipment efficiency, greatly reducing the power consumption, economical and environmental.