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The molding ways of Great Wall Machinery steel casting

2015-10-30 10:20:15

  Success in our industry comes from being highly technical and highly involved, using technology to sharpen and refine processes that are solved and implemented by our team of expert professionals. Years of experience and innovation have allowed us to optimize traditional foundry procedures. By combining those essential foundry processes with a highly technical approach like process control and non-destructive evaluation we operate as a fully vertically integrated organization. Sivyer Steel pours stainless steel, precision casting, finished machining, alloy castings, castings assembly, armor castings, plating and manganese castings.

  The molding ways of Great Wall Machinery steel casting:

  molding.jpgGreat Wall Steel’s molding capacity supports castings that range from 50 pounds to 24,000 pounds. Our facility offers flasked and flaskless airset molding lines with a variety of continuous mixers. With some mixers producing up to 2,000 pounds per minute, we are able to meet most volume requirements.

  Three highly evolved mixers at Sivyer Steel– for large castings, medium castings and one for smaller parts, use state-of-the-art Smart Pump binder technology. The mixers are programmable to specific parts, calculating the exact mixture and placement of chromite, silica, olivine, and zircon sands. These two mixers at Sivyer Steel have increased production by over 100%.

  The mixing process is supported by a vibratory compaction system, giving Sivyer Steel the capability to create molds for complex pieces. A new thermal reclamation system combined with a previously installed mechanical reclamation system allows Sivyer Steel to reuse 80% of the sand in our facility, which has reduced disposal costs while improving casting quality and sand expansion characteristics. To read more about our sustainable efforts click here.