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The cooperation road of Mittal & Great Wall Casting

2015-09-16 17:38:28

  Xinxiang Great Wall Casting Co.,Ltd specialized in manufacturing all kinds of steel casting parts with OEM service. The factory covers an area of 50 acres,the total factory building area is 23800 square meter and casting model area is 9600 square meter. The total fixed assets are RMB 200 million Yuan.

  We are equipped with 2 sets of 30t basic electric arc furnace, 4 sets of large natural gas heat treatment furnace, which adopts water-glass sand molding process. Besides, we also have oxygen station, air compression station, natural gas station, CO2 station and other supporting facilities. 22 sets of 10t, 32t, 75t, 100t and 125t lifting equipment,5 sets of large molding sand equipment, 8 sets of steel ladles that weigh 35t, 50t, 75t, and 2 sets of drying machines.

  Meanwhile, the company also introduces GS1000 vacuum direct reading spectrometer from OBLF Company of Germany, ​​carbon-sulfur high-speed analyzer, microcomputer three-element high-speed analyzer, digital ultrasonic flaw detector, multi-purpose magnetic defect detector and other physical and chemical testing facilities, leveraged universal strength tester and hammer system prototype and other tensile test equipment.

  500 Sets of Machining Equipment  35.jpg

  lΦ10m Russian Double Column Heavy Vertical lathe & Gear Hobbing Machine

  lT6920 Boring and Milling Machine made by Czech;

  lWIISTNC120X3000UpperRollerNumerically Controlled Universal Lapping Machine

  lΦ6 .3mx 20m Cylinder Lathe; 2 sets of 30t Alkaline Arc Furnace;

  l6x6×16.5m Electric Heating Automatic-Controlled Annealing Furnace;

  l150t Automatic Submerged Arc Welding Production Lines—5 Sets;

  l50sets of 150t, 100t and 75t,etc overhead Travelling Cranes;

  Products Supply

  At present, the company mainly produces large-scale steel casting less than 120 tons and steel ingot less than 30 tons.

  Ball mill: Spur Gear, Bearing Shaft, Hollow Shaft, End Covers, Bearing Support

  Rotary Kiln: Spur Gear, Rolling Ring, Support Rollers, Bearing Support, Kiln Shell

  Vertical Roller GrindingMill: Grinding Rollers, Grinding Table, Rocker Arm, Concentrator Rotator, Roller Hub, Roller Shell, Grinding Mill Shell

  Casting Parts: Slag Pot, Bearings, Stand House, Moving Beam, Base Support, Upper Beam, Cast Steel Joint, Oil Cylinder, Big Ring, Big Gear, etc. All kinds of large casting parts available here.

  The production of precision-engineered steel castings not only requires a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, it demands a complete understanding of each customer's unique requirements. Our capabilities, experience and commitment to quality ensure that each product achieves our second to none standards and exceeds our client's needs.

  At Great Wall, we uphold one driving principle when providing cast solutions: Satisfy the Customer.