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The “Multi-purposes mill” were fascinated in 8th International grinding Summit

2015-08-18 14:38:04

       Today, the 8th International grinding Summit, Sponsored by China Cement Net and Xinxiang Great wall Machinery, were successfully held in Nanjing City, Jiangsu province. Representatives of the participants warmly and deeply discussed about the core technology and equipments in cement grinding system, such as energy saving innovation, cement quality, mixed material etc. A report “Case analysis of grinding system of Multi-purposes mill”, presented by Zhao Huachong, the executive vice president of Xinxiang Great wall Machinery, caused peoples attention.


       Zhao Huachong, the executive vice president of Xinxiang Great wall Machinery, was presenting in the summit.

        In the year of 2015, Chinese economy comes into a new stage, Mr. Zhao pointed that the green environmental protection, recycling, low cost operation has been became the first concern to Chinese government, society and companies. So, how to adapt to these new requirements? For one thing, the treatment and utilization of industrial waste must be of great urgency, because the mineral slag, steel slag, nickel slag, manganese slag and other industrial waste has a large amount of land occupancy and environmentally pollution. It has been regarded as one of the most important pollution resources. For another, the cement production capacity is serious excess nowadays but limit profits, especially the overall economic situation was fell significantly in the year of 2015. Therefore, all the cement plants save their production cost and introduces environmentally friendly equipments, so as to oversea layout and achieve bottom rebound along with “One Belt and One Road” policy.

       Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery developed “multi-purposes” high efficiency and energy saving vertical mill from the trend of market and innovation. It easily can deal with various materials for grinding process, such as cement clinker, auxiliary materials and slag admixture, etc. Depends on its low power consumption(only 25KWh/t needed), small working area, easy operation and low maintenance cost, more than 20 “multi-purposes” vertical mills had been founded in China.

      “Multi-purposes” vertical mill meets the needs of clients rely on its low cost development strategy and adaptability to various grinding materials, achieving one investment, multiple benefits.