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Slag Vertical Roller Mill Has an Important Role in slag production

2016-01-22 14:58:11

  Today slag is widely used; it has become an essential raw material in many sectors such as in slag production, industrial production and production of new energy and so on. In industrial production, there are some large processing plants using slag micro powder grinder processing slag cement raw materials, our slag vertical roller mill has high process capacity and energy saving. China is steel resources development big country and the annual for steel smelting slag Unit has long exceeded a billion.


  Our slag vertical roller mill make the slag been fully applied in the production of cement mixed materials, building materials and other raw materials. Currently powder grinder mainly include vertical roll mill, ball mill on the market. The advantages of ball mill is low technical requirements, the drying capacity is limited, high energy consumption; slag vertical roller mill system energy consumption is low, more than 20 percent of the water can be drying, process simple, high investment. Great wall Machinery new slag micro powder grinder not only milling fineness of the material increase several times on the basis of the traditional powder grinder, but also fineness and yield can be adjusted, the device with large dust removal equipment and dust effects, it can fully meet the national standards, energy consumption, reduce pollution, processing slag cement quality.