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How to deal with the wear problem of Ball Mill Liners?

2015-09-24 15:40:17

3.3.jpg    In the ball mill working process, the liner of ball mill will be impacted by material constant crushing and grinding. Considering the effects of quality and hardness of mineral, liner, ball and the installation of operating conditions, liner will continue to be worn out and finally damaged. So how can we deal with wear problem of liners and improve the productive capacity of the mill?

      1) Select the steel ball and liner board properly. the ratio between the ball liners and hardness should be controlled 0.85~0.9. The hardness of ball should be 1.7 times than the coal hardness. What is more, the ball diameter should be determined properly.

  2) We should adjust the coal ball mill feed timely under low-load operation.

  3) Design the fixed liner, tighten wedge hole into circular arc shape to avoid the stress concentration.

  4) Strictly control the coal quality, reduce the content of coal gangue, and improve coal grind ability.

  5) As for the ball mill with new exchanged liner, according to its characteristics, it should use the lower hardness steel ball to run for 1~2 months, and then use higher hardness steel ball, which can increase the service life of ball liner.

  6) Strictly take control of the liner installation quality. If the liner and the cylinder are not match, it can exchange the cylinder liner or partially patching treatment.

  7) Timely elimination equipment defects, in order to prevent damage to the liner range expansion, and ensure the unit operation safely and economically.