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Chaeng: create products differentiation, cast competitive new advantages

2016-04-06 16:04:55

At present, the whole casting industry market is in downturn, there is no doubt that it exacerbates the competition between foundry enterprises. A growing number of foundry enterprises have to think about how to tight encirclement under the new situation to win new development. Chaeng (Great Wall Machinery Corporation) think that product homogeneity phenomenon is becoming serious today, differentiation undoubtedly will be the new advantage for foundry enterprises to win the market competition.

As a professional large-scale steel manufacturers in China, Chaeng think that foundry enterprises implement the strategy of product differentiation can more quickly and effectively realize that the business enterprise outshine others in numerous industry enterprises, so as to attract more customers and gain a broader market. However, differentiation strategy involves many aspects, not only product differentiation, but also service differentiation and culture differentiation, etc. Among them, the product differentiation and service differentiation are more important.

First, product differentiation. If foundry enterprises want to achieve product differentiation, they can from quality, technology, performance, design, and other aspects. Continuously improve product quality, technology, perfect performance, optimization design, so that the products is higher than other enterprises in quality, technology and performance in the same industry. At the same time, make continuous improvement on design and optimization based on the performance of the product in the internal structure of product design and make product advantage more prominent.


Second, service differentiation. At present, overall service consciousness has been improved in foundry enterprises, enterprise can achieve competitive advantage only with the implementation of the service characteristic, individuation, differentiation. Therefore, at the same time to achieve the implementation of the service comprehensive, enterprises should pay attention to provide personalized service according to the specific needs of customers as much as possible to meet all the requirements for the user.

In more than ten years of trials and hardships, Chaeng has always aim to "customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit", make every effort to provide users with the best quality products and the most perfect service to create value for customers.