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Great Wall Machinery supply high quality mine grinding mill with the help of “internet +”

2016-02-25 14:47:54

On 16th of February ,just after the Chinese New Year ,Xinxiang Great-wall machinery Corporation which located in Xinxiang Hui xian city ,Henan Province ,have a “foreigner visiting” ,an engineer from South Africa named Jaime came here for checking and accepting the cement rotary kiln roller order ,it is the second order from international of this year. In January,one cement plant of Pakistan have bought 2 sets of vertical raw mill with capacity 300,000 MT. reported on 20th February.


Why a machinery manufacture company which located in inland China can get so many foreign orders ? the Vice generial manager Jiajia Liu of Great-Wall machinery corporation said:” It's all depend on the power of the Internet".

Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery Corporation was initially built in 1958,a professional main manufacturer of kilns and mills,provided the complete equipment for cement plant,steel plant, It is a famous manufacturing enterprise.For a long time, the corporation assist for domestic market as the traditional marketing pattern.

The Great-Wall set up the Electronic Commerce department in May of 2013,starting the marketing mode like “internet +machinery + casting” .it brings a large number of orders By using the Google, Alibaba and other search engines and other B2B platforms,combining online service and offline service. The accumulated amount is 128,000,000 RMB ,including the domestic order amount : 88,200,000 RMB,international order amount: 39,800,000 RMB, the international order amount is about 30% of the accumulated amount.


6.jpg“Electrical business was opened the international markets for us successfully ,it also improved the visibility and reputation of our company ,in the new year we will continue to increase investment in the internet and customer service , we will provide more and more clients of intelligent, environmental protection of grinding equipment.” Jiajia Liu said.

The equipment photo of Xinxiang Great-Wall Machinery which have exported to overseas at the beginning of 2016: